Keisha L. Shropshire, M.P.H.

Keisha L. Shropshire

Health Science Policy Analyst

Ms. Shropshire joined the Office of Disease Prevention (ODP) as a Public Health Analyst in May 2015. She is responsible for promoting collaborative prevention research projects and facilitating coordination across the National Institutes of Health and with other public and private partners. Additionally, Ms. Shropshire helps identify and promote the use of effective evidence-based interventions and the dissemination and implementation of prevention research. 

Prior to joining the ODP, Ms. Shropshire spent 10 years at the National Institute of Mental Health working to support research administration, strategic planning, science policy analysis, and program evaluation activities. Her interests include health education, health policy, and prevention research. Ms. Shropshire has experience working at the community, state, and federal levels to develop policy and programs in multiple health areas, including HIV/AIDS, tobacco cessation, adolescent health and nutrition, and mental health.

Ms. Shropshire earned a Bachelor of Arts in biology from Agnes Scott College and a Master of Public Health with a concentration in health policy and community health and prevention from Drexel University School of Public Health. With this expertise, Ms. Shropshire has guided numerous strategic projects, managed teams, fostered partnerships, and synthesized information into actionable items to inform public health research agendas, policy, and decision-making at various organizational levels.

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