The NIH supports research to help improve diet and nutrition by funding basic science, clinical nutrition studies, and innovative research to develop and disseminate effective dietary behavior change strategies.

From the ODP

Pathways to Prevention Workshop: Nutrition as Prevention for Improved Cancer Health Outcomes

This workshop identified evidence gaps and future priorities for research on how nutritional interventions affect cancer health outcomes.

Resources for Researchers

Explore databases and tools for nutrition research.

Catalogue of Surveillance Systems

Access to over 100 publicly available datasets relevant to childhood obesity research, including obesity-related health behaviors, outcomes, and determinants, policies, and environmental factors.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Published every 5 years, the Guidelines reflect the current body of nutrition science and help Americans make healthy food and beverage choices and serve as the foundation for vital nutrition policies and programs across the United States.

Healthy Eating Index (HEI)

A measure of diet quality, independent of quantity, that can be used to assess compliance with the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans and monitor changes in dietary patterns. The HEI can also be used to evaluate nutrition interventions and consumer nutrition education programs.

Food Patterns Equivalents Database (FPED)

A database and research tool that evaluates food and beverage intake of Americans with respect to the 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendations.


Interested in funding opportunities or planning to submit an application in nutrition research? Use these tools to find what you need:

Training and Education

Learn about NIH programs to help you prepare for careers in nutrition research.

Office of Dietary Supplements Research Scholars Program

A 1-year competitive scholarship opportunity to study the role of dietary supplements in health promotion and disease prevention.

John Milner Nutrition and Cancer Prevention Research Practicum

A 1-week intensive learning practicum that provides specialized instruction on the role of diet and bioactive food components as modifiers of cancer incidence and tumor behavior.

NIH Institutes/Centers and Federal Partner Activities

Many NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) are active in nutrition research. Additionally, several of NIH’s federal partners also develop guidelines and policies and conduct other projects that influence nutrition research. These resources may be helpful starting points as you plan your research or if you’re exploring the latest work in a specific area. Because ICs and other federal agencies may have several ongoing nutrition programs and projects, we encourage you to use the links provided to find the most up-to-date information, including how to contact program officials who may be able to address your specific questions.