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Racism and Other Macrosocial Determinants of Health: Moving from Explanation to Action

May 1, 2024
David Chae
David Chae, Sc.D., M.A.

Tulane University

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About the Webinar

Racism is a social and moral crisis, as well as a public health threat. In addition to causing direct physical damage, racism is embodied covertly through social, behavioral, and psychobiological mechanisms. In this talk, Dr. Chae posits a social-ecological and developmental framework to examine how racism shapes disease vulnerability. He discusses his research on multiple levels of racism and the channels through which it compromises health, as well as next steps in anti-racism research. 

About David Chae

Dr. David Chae is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences and Director of the Society, Health, and Racial Equity Lab at Tulane University. His research focuses on social determinants of health inequities and the embodiment of racism. As part of this work, he investigates the interplay between social context, developmental period, behavior, and biology, as well as links to disease susceptibility and progression. He is an elected fellow of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research and serves on several scientific research groups dedicated to the study of racism.

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