Advance Tobacco Regulatory and Prevention Science

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Strategic Priority 5

Promote and facilitate tobacco regulatory science and tobacco prevention research.


The primary focus of the objectives supporting the Advance Tobacco Regulatory and Prevention Science strategic priority is the development, coordination, and implementation of NIH-wide tobacco regulatory science initiatives in partnership with the FDA. In addition, the Tobacco Regulatory Science Program (TRSP) convenes and/or participates in NIH-wide tobacco prevention research efforts.

  • Tobacco Regulatory Science 5.1: Lead the NIH-wide program in tobacco regulatory science, partnering with FDA scientific leadership to help identify, develop, characterize, and address FDA's tobacco regulatory research priorities.
  • Tobacco Regulatory Science 5.2: Oversee and lead NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices and grant recipients in complying with policies and procedures unique to the NIH-FDA partnership in tobacco regulatory science.
  • Tobacco Regulatory Science 5.3: Educate FDA and NIH program, review, and grants management staff on TRSP scientific goals, policies, and procedures.
  • Tobacco Regulatory Science 5.4: Create opportunities for extramural investigators and federal scientific staff to collaborate, network, and discuss FDA’s priority topics and share research results in prevention and tobacco regulatory science.
  • Tobacco Regulatory Science 5.5: Facilitate development of resources and research opportunities to address gaps in tobacco prevention intervention, research, measurement, and methodology.
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