Improve Prevention Research Methods

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Strategic Priority 3

Promote the use of the best available methods in prevention research and support the development of high-quality methods.


The objectives supporting the Improve Prevention Research Methods strategic priority focus on providing resources, training, and consultation, and strengthening policies and procedures to improve the quality of the methods used in prevention research supported by NIH.

  • Research Methods 3.1:  Ensure ODP provides the most accurate and up-to-date information available pertaining to prevention science methods.
  • Research Methods 3.2:  Provide training in prevention science methods to NIH staff and extramural investigators, including extramural investigators and trainees from populations underrepresented in prevention research.
  • Research Methods 3.3:  Serve as a resource to ICOs on prevention science methods as they develop new funding opportunities, workshops, meetings, and other activities.
  • Research Methods 3.4:  Collaborate with ICOs to strengthen NIH policies and procedures to encourage the use of the best available methods in applications for prevention research.
  • Research Methods 3.5:  Review and conduct research on methods used in prevention research.
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