Conduct Portfolio Analysis and Impact Assessment

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Strategic Priority 1

Systematically monitor NIH investments in prevention research and assess the progress and results of that research.


The objectives supporting the Conduct Portfolio Analysis and Impact Assessment strategic priority focus on the classification and assessment of prevention research within the broader NIH portfolio. ODP will continue to work closely with colleagues at the NIH Office of Portfolio Analysis and leverage the Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization process to inform machine learning methods that increase the level of automation in characterizing prevention research broadly, as well as specific topics within the coding taxonomy. ODP will explore existing and develop new approaches to improve our understanding of NIH prevention research investments and employ metrics for measuring the long-term progress and impact of NIH investments in prevention research beyond research outputs. ODP will also continue to integrate new tools and resources to inform the design, implementation, and evaluation of ODP, NIH, and other federal prevention initiatives.

  • Analysis & Assessment 1.1: Characterize and report on NIH prevention research projects based on the taxonomy for prevention research developed by ODP.
  • Analysis & Assessment 1.2: Assess the impact of NIH investments in prevention research.
  • Analysis & Assessment 1.3: Partner with NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices and other federal agencies to disseminate ODP portfolio analysis resources.
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